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Valentin Yudashkin sent down an absolutely gorgeous and delicately feminine collection for his Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Flower appliqué and immaculately precise stitching accompanied ethereal silhouettes. There were billowing skirts, elegant daywear and pink floral pieces that personified Hans Christian Andersen’s Thumbelina. Hand-painted watercolors and pastels juxtaposed the metallic filigree in a strikingly luxurious way. When you lacquer something in gold, it becomes that much more precious.

The models looked like walking vases - an open canvas for blooming life and rejuvenation. The dresses could be mistaken for floral couture, as if a garden was blooming directly on them. A palette that consisted of the colors of clouds could only be fit for a modern Disney princess and her woodland nymph counterpart.

Photographed by Vogue Italia

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pumpkin carving success with great friends! #startrek #halloween #pumpkincarving #friends


*bangs fist on table* I WANT COLD WEATHER

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Inspired by Justice League: Throne of Atlantis Official Trailer #1

Justice League Cast

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Body comparisons. 

this makes me feel alive

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understand that if you’re cold I’ll keep you warm,
And besides, there’s so much beauty in a storm. #ladispute  #selfie

"you should act more your age"


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~ Brand New ~

La Dispute | Andria.

I saw La Dispute last night and I met Chad and he was lovely enough to sign my setlist.